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Isaac is a great guy. I have never meet him, but people who have say he is just really cool. Usually, he is a funny, calm, cool guy, who fans adore. He is a very bussines like person, with a goofy side, but to me, Taylor is the most serious out of the three. He is a great guitarist, and vocalist. His voice is the deepest of the three.

Isaac has shoulder length dirty blond hair, and brown eyes. He seems to have a well built body, very balanced. He is about 5 11' and probaly weighs in at 130lbs.He's got great skin, with a few blemishes here and there. He has also got a great nose, and a very nice smile. He has perfect teeth(braces can do alot) He is very good looking, and would make a fabolous model.

His nick names are: Ike and Chewbacca (tay & zac says he
looks like chewbacca) Ikey-pooh and braceface(I used to call
me brother that)
He is a:Scorpio (November 17,1980)
He is:17 years old
He was born in:Tulsa,OK
He plays the:Guitar and vocals
His fav color is:green
His eye color is:light brown
His hair color is:brown
His height and weight:5'11 about 130 lbs.
His hobbies are:Rollerblading,soccer, playing video games and
His fav foods are:Pasta and steak.
He sleeps in: boxers and a t-shirt
His worst habbit is: biting his nails.
Intersting things
Has been writing a Sci-Fi novel for 2 years.
His first song that he wrote was called "Rain Falling Down"
Names his guitar after girls he has a crush on
He is a helpless romantic!
He does imitations of Kermit The Frog, Butthead, and
His fav ice cream is :vanilla
He is a very buisness like person
He is in love with his brown leather jacket
He likes chunky peanut butter.(none of that smooth stuff for