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Taylor seems to be most people's favourite. He seems to be very kind, nice, and very cool. Bu I couldn't say, cause I've never meet him. He is the most talkative of the three and seems to have a habit of interupting(not a bad thing, I don it all the time) He has a good sense of humor, but he knows when to be serious and when to be goofy. He seems to be the most serious, answering most of the question's, and he seems to be very mature. He is a great keboardist, vocalist, and if you have been to one of the Albertane tour shows, you'd know that is is awesome at playing the drums(Zac is a great drummer too, but I've never seen Taylor play the drums before the concert) His voice is almost done changing, and he has a great voice.

Taylor has should length blond hair, and very blue eyes. He is very skinny, but he has got alot of muscle in that upper torso area(chest, arms) He is probaly about 5'9 or around there, and probaly weighs in at about 115. He's got good teeth, but I think he needs to get braces, or a retainer. He's got very good skin, I've never seen him with one zit on his face. The odd time, he looks kind of femine, but not much. Back when he was fourteen he looked more feminine, but now he looks like a guy. He's very cute, and muscular, and like his brother's he would be a good choice for a model.

His nicknames are: Tay, and Talyes
His eyes are: Blue
His hair is: Blond
He is: 15 years old
His birthday is: March 14, 1983
He is about: 5'9
He was born in: Tulsa Oklahoma
His fav colour is: Red, because "it makes things look beautiful and red candy always tastes the best"
His fav foods are: Fish, homemade
brownies, cheeseburgers, burritos, pizza, and steak
His fav ice cream: strawberry
He plays the: Keyboard, Synthesizer, bongos, and does the lead in vocals
He gets hyper at: night when everyone wants to sleep(me too)
His hobbies are: drawing, blading, hanging with friends, and soccer
Sleeps in:boxers and a t-shirt