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Now, Zac is a wild man. He has a very hyper, friendly, outgoing personality. He has his serious times, and his wacky times. He seems to be able to switch between wacky and serious quite easily. He has a great angelic voice, he sounds so great in Lucy, and on the Silent Night Medley, and all of the songs where he sings a solo or lead, that is geeting deeper as we speak. He is an awesome drummer, he can keep a mean beat. To me, he would make a great actor. He is very talented at drawing, just look at the drawing in the MON insert. He is a boy/man with many talents.

Zac has the most wonderful hair. It is very blond, and silky. It falls to his shoulders. No one knows his real height and weight, but I asume he is about 5 9' and about 100lbs. He has brown eyes. He has a great face, with a great nose, mouth, great skin, ect. He has great fashion. He usually wears a pair of baggy pants, some shiny, others not, with great shirts. I wonder where he shops. He too would also make a great model.

His nicknames are: Zac, Prozac, Animal
is birthday is on: October 22nd, 1985
He is:13
He plays the:drums
His hobbies are: soccer, drawing,
rollerblading, lego
His talent besids being a good singer
is: He can talk while belching
His fav colour is: Blue
His fav ice cream is: Chocolate
His toothbrush is: Lime green
He is: 5'1
He weighs about: 95-99 pounds
His eyes are: Brown
He has : Blonde hair
His fav food are: ding-dongs,
twinkies, green jell-o, and pizza