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Hanson Fantasy origanated on Angelfire, while Christmas break in December of 1997. Back then, I had no knowledge of HTML, and for awhile, I could not make graphics. Then I found a great photo editing program, Paint Shop Pro(got to www.jasc.comto download it) After that, I found Tripod, one of the best webservices out there, you get 11mb of space. So I moved onto Tripod, and redid Hanson Fantasy. On angelfire, you only get 5mb of space, which for a small webiste, that's enough space, I only had pee-wee stuff. All I had was Appearances, and links. It was petty crumby. But after I moved to Tripod, which was probaly in March/97, I started taking my website more seriously. See I had always wanted it to be a huge success, like Hanson-Web, or HansonHouse, or Hanson Hotel. It hasn't made it there yet, but it will someday. I started reacording some sounds, and I had already had my story, I added even more stuff like graphics, and awards, and bios, and everything like that. I started really taking my website seriously then. I was changing the look almost everyday, and I was working really hard(I still am, 2 hours a day). That takes me to the present day, where I am trying to get my own domain, (if you have your own, and wouldn't mind having another site on it, please email me) which for me is impossible, just because I don't work(I'm not old enough) and I don't have the $$$$$ for it. Well that's a look at the history of Hanson Fantasy. Enjoy your stay, and remeber, this website will be here forever, even when I'm and old, wrickled grandmother=)