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Hi, my name is Heather, I was born in Windsor Ontario on July 23/1985, and I'm 13 years old. I curently live in a smaller city just outside of Toronto Ontario. This year I will be graduating from the 8th grade at Pleasantville Public School. I have 4 best friends, there's Jessica(who I've known for 8 years), Shantell(who is so much fun to be with), Mandy(who looks like posh spice), and Melissa(who looks like Sabrina the teenage witch)

My faves

Food: pizza, subs
Music groups: Hanson, Cleopatra, Marilyn Manson, Mariah Carey and so many others that I forget.
Colour: Blue
Hobbies: Singing, talking w/ friends, guys, the internet, t.v
School subject: French, Music
Teacher's: Mr.Whitestone(grade 6,8) Mrs. Ruble(grade 6) Mrs.Barber(grade 7) Ms.Trojan(grade 7 also)

Pet Peves

  • Snobby people who think their better than you
  • rude people
  • people who take advantage of you
  • When I don't get what I want
  • Anit-Hansons
  • People who don't sign the Gbook
  • People who send chain-letters and post junk in the AFH

Well now you know alot about me, and now I want to know about you(joking!)See ya later and have fun here at HF.