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*The person who brought you HF(me, Heather) is starting a new site MHTA(More Hanson Than Anything) For this I will be teaming up with my best bud Rose, and we will be hosted on The new site will not be up for awhile, just waiting for the sub-domains to be made. We would've had MHTA up earlier, but the site was hacked 4 times. Well stay tuned for the opening date!

*okay, well I was going to be hosted on, but the person has decided not to host. So, anyways, about more hansont than anything. We are going to be opening up this week! We did get hacked again=( about 2 weeks ago, whcih makes it the 5th time, so itz taken awhile to redo everything, but we are just doing finishing touches. Stay tuned this week for a link to MHTA!*

*Okay, here's the scoop on the hosting thing. I have, for a very long time, wanted to get Hanson Fantasy on a domain, itz own domain, but I just can't afford it. As you ll know there are new domains that are host good web sites. Well, I emailed one of them, and they said that they would host us. I will take the offer, depending on the circumtances. More news to come in the future, but look out for a new adress soon=)

*The new hansonline is up, and itz great! Check it out at Here's a capture of it.*

Check out the new Hansonline.

*Hanson will be performing at the Warner Bros. Studio Store in Manhattan, New York on November 21 to promote the soundtrack to Jack Frost(thaks to Hanson Hotel for that info)

*Hanson will be hosting MTV's Total Request Live on Wednesday, November 11(thanks to Hanson Hotel for that info)

*Hanson will be featured on Access Hollywood on November 11.(thanks toHanson Hotel for that info)

*Hanson is scheduled to present at the 1998 Billboard Music Awards which will air December 7 at 8:00pm ET on FOX.(thanks toHanson Hotel for that info)

*The Rosie date has changed to Nov,16, so check local listings 'cause the show is syndicated.*

*I guess Hansonline is wrong, The Road to Albertane(rta) came out today! Itz very cool, I don't want to let all of the secrets go, but you may see them sleeve-less, maybe even shirtless, and you might see Ike being a total maniac(in a good way) Go out and get it when you can, the cd and video are definatly worth it!

*Hansonline has been updated. The official news about Live from Albertane(cd) and Road to Albertane(video) is that the video will be releases on Nov.10 and the live cd on Nov.3rd.

*Word has it that Hansonline has a new webmaster. His name is Matt Spaid, and I believe he is 15 years old. I don't know why they have a new webmaster, but watch out for an improved Hansonline, and let's hope that Mr.Spaid does his work right, and that Hansonline will have more current news.

*Hanson will be on Melrose Place sometime around Christmas if you caught Entertainment Tonight on the 23rd then you would know that Hanson spent Zac's b-day on the set of MP and they are going to play Christmas songs on Mp.*

*Go check out Hansonline and notice that it says New and improved Hansonline coming soon!!*

*Hanson's new album Live From Albertane will be released on Nov.3rd*

*Hanson's new video Road to Albertane will be released on Nov.10th*