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Please feel free to send in your opinions about Hanson to


I think Taylor should cut his hair, not very short, only to his ear.
He looks good in leather pants and tight shirts, but I
would like to see him
wear cargo pants, with a tight shirt.
I think he should let Zac and Ike talk more, he interupts
them to much.
(I interupt too, just a habit)
He should get braces or something, cause he has lot's
of spaces=)
I think he is very cute, okay, he's hott! He should
definatly become a model
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I think Isaac should leave his hair the length it is, but he should
keep it a pony tail.
He has good fashion taste, but he would also look good in
army pants, or khaki's. He should wear more black, grey, and brown
(the greens that he chose are horrid)
He should definatly keep smiling, he has a great smile, and great
He should talk more, but not ramble on about stuff.
He's pretty cute, he would make a good masculine
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He definatly has a good fashion sense, he dresses the best out of the 3
He needs braces
He should cut his hair a litle, almost to his shoulder
He looks great with his hair down and in a pony tail, and in braids.
He's got the best hair, smooth and silky.
He should talk more, even though he is shy, I'd love to hear more
of him
He is definatly the cutest of the 3, and he is a hotty, he would
also make a great model.
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