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“Zac, honey, how’s your leg?” Mrs.Hanson asked as they left the hospital.

“Fine, it kind of hurts though.”

“Ike, Tay, how are your arms?”

“As good as can be.” Ike replied.

“Okay I guess.” Tay said.

After the crash, they were all taken to the hospital. Jessiac, Avery, Mackenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Hanson got out with bumps and bruises,

while Zac broke his leg, and Ike and Tay broke their right arms. No one in the plaine were seriously hurt, and thank-God no one died. The Hanson’s has just been released from the hospital and were standing outside.

“Taxi!” Mr. Hanson yelled at the yellow taxi coming up the parking lot. The taxi stopped and they hopped in.

“Get us to the Therajk airport.” Mr. Hanson told the taxi driver.

The taxi driver drove the Hanson’s the airport. It was 4pm, the plaine was suposed to be there at 1:30 pm.

2:30 pm in the airport

“Why the hell hasn’t the plaine landed yet?” Nikki asked Jessica.

“I don’t know, but it’s not unusual for a plaine to be late.” Jessica replied.

3:30 pm

“Why the hell hasn’t the fucking plaine landed?” Nikki asked the security guard.

“What flight?”


“Oh, yeah, that plain crashed.”

“What?” Nikki yelled, she became very worried.

“Don't worry, they crashed near by, and no one was seriously hurt.”

“Wheh, Tay and the rest are allright, well thanks for the help.” Nikki said to the security guard. She then walked back to where Jessica and her mother were.

“Hey, your back. So why is the flight so late?” Jessica asked.

“Flight 74132 crasked, but no one was seriously hurt.”

“Oh my God, I hope Ike and the rest are all right.” Jessica exclaimed.

“I hope those Hanson’s are all right.” Nikki’s mother commented.

“So when will they be here?”

“I don’t know, the plaine crashed near here, I think in Oklahoma City.” Nikki replied. “So they should be here in an hour and a half or so.”

“Why don’t we look around the mall across the street?” Jessica asked.

“Alright, is that fine with you mom?” Nikki asked her mother.


“I wanna be back here by.....looks at her watch....5pm, so we can make sure we are here when they arrive.” Nikki said.

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