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A special thanks to My$steriou$ Girl & Friend for writting chapter 11,12,13, and 14. Thanks fro the help!

Nikki, Jesica and Nikkie's mum wandered around the shopping centre checking out carious cloths, shops and boutiques.

"Hold on girls, I just want to go do some grocery shopping OK? You girls can wander around together for a while and I will meet you back at the airport at 5:30".

Nikki smiled this was exactly what she needed. "OK mum see ya soon". Claire turned and walked towards the Quick_E_Mart. Nikki turned to Jessica with a huge grin.

"What are you so happy about"?

"Nothing." Nikki replied walking to the drug store.

Jessica knew their was something up, Nikki could be very mysterious but she followed patiently, curious to find out what Nikki had in mind. She walked straight up the counter, picked up a box of red-jellybean flavored condoms and waked up the counter. She paid for them and walked amazed. As soon as they got outside, Jessica could not contain herself any longer.

"What the hell are those things for?????"

"What do you think?"

"Oh, I guess you and Tay are getting pretty close hey?"

"oh, Jessica, he is so wonderful! He is the man of my dreams. I love being with him so much!"

"Yeah, but are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?



"Don't tell anyone though will you?"

"As if I would Nikki"

"Cool, I knew I could trust you"!

"So......(feeling a bit uncomfortable) is this first time for you?"

"With Tay?......yeah"

"Has there been anyone else?"

"Nope, Tay's my one and only true love!" >p>"Well, I’m glad you feel that way and your not pressured....what does Tay think about this?"

"He's a guy Jessica................"

Jessica and Nikki exchanged knowing glances, then both giggled at the same time.

Nikki look at her watch "HOLY SHIT!"


Nikki started walking fast towards the door, "It's like two minutes till 5:00. I don't want to miss my Tay!"


The Taxi was full of noise on the way to the air port. Excited talking about the accident filled the air. Jesse, Avie, Mac and Zac rode with Mr Hanson in the first Taxi, while Diana, Ike, Tay and Zoe rode in another behind. "How’s your arms?" She asked her boys.

"OK" replied Ike and Tay at the same time. As good as a fractured arm can get, I suppose" He smiled, which relieved some of Diana's worry.

"NO, really mom it's fine" Tay said reassuring his mother.

"OK, just look after it-No more water fights!"

"OK, OK,OK" Tay and Ike said playfully.

When they reached the airport, everyone poured out of the car, tired, sore and glad to be rid of the emergency scene. They were greeted by the bell hop and taken into the managers office where they received a personal apology from the airline manager.

Crutches had not dampened Zac's spirit one bit. They became instant space weapons at a microseconds notice and once again Zac was off to conquer the galaxy, although a little slower this time. While Mr and Mrs Hanson waited in the office to fill out necessary paperwork, Tay excused himself from the room and went to find Nikki. He had traveled a few steps down the escalator before he heard Ikea’s voice.

"Tay!, Wait up!"

He started walking slowly up the down escalator until Ike caught up.

"Why are you......OK..." he cut off mid sentence, remembering what Ike had said about Jessica.

"Not a word!" Ike said nervously.

"DO I look look?"

"Yes, you look fine,'

"Calm down, be yourself"

"OK, I'll try"

They traveled down tow more excavators before they could see Jessica and Nikkei waiting worriedly with a bunch of other relative and friends of the people from the plane. Nikki turned just as Tay was about to call her name and their eyes met. She rushed over to see him. She held him and burst into tears. “Oh my god! Are you all right? I thought I'd lost you!" Tay comforted her and kissed her tenderly as a single tear slid down his check. He embraced her tightly in her arms . Ike and Jessica stood awkwardly to the side. Tay and nikki decided to go for a quick walk by themselves, which left Ike and Jesse alone.

"Do you...uh.......wanna go.......uh.....get a drink or something?" Ike Asked.

"Sure" Jess replied little to quickly and scolded herself. They started walking towards the quick coffee shop, both pairs of eyes followed to the ground. Ike looked up "Jess?"

Jessica spun around "Yeah?" Ike went red, so did she.

" uh...Jessica I missed you!" He grabbed her tightly and kissed her passionately. A overjoyed Jess kissed him back. " will you be me girlfriend?" Ike asked.

"Yes Ike! My darling!" She kissed him again even more passionately. Ike wondered why he had taken so long and had been so scared. Cloey was well and truly forgotten. Happiness swelled inside Ike.

"How long till you get this off?" She asked, taking his arm gently

"Oh about six weeks, as normal, it's not real serious"

"That’s good" she replied smiling at him.

He snuggled her closer and after getting two DR peppers the walked back where Tay and Nikki Sat. Tay looked up at Ike with a grin. "FINALLY!" he said. Nikki and Jess once again exchanged glances and grinned at each other. Ike beamed back. Just then, Claire came back with two bags full of groceries. "oh Hello! How was it are you all right? Is everyone OK?" A million other questions zipped about as the proceeded up to the office to collect everyone else. Many things were discussed during the trip home.