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A special thanks to My$steriou$ Girl & Friend for writting chapter 11,12,13, and 14. Thanks fro the help!

Tay had moped around the house by himself all morning waiting for Nikki to come home from work. Ike was at Jessica’s, Zac was at Marks (another friend) playing computer games--what else? Walker was at work while Diana was at their grandparents place helping he’s gran with the gardening, she had Avery, Mackie and Zoe with her and Jesse was at a friends place. Finally the phone rang. He rushed to answer it. It was someone calling for his dad. He took a message and slipped back into mope mode. 10minutes later, the phone rang again. This time it was the love of his life. "Tay, wanna come over tonight and sleep?"

"Sure" Tay agreed quickly. He thought of how beautiful Nikki was.

"well....I have to work till 6:30, come over about 7:00.


They said their good-byes and Tay went to muck around with a sketch of what Zac that he'd been working on.

After tea, Tay OKed the sleeping arrangements with his mom. He packed a light bag and headed off. Ike gave him the "have fun, but be careful little bro" look as he left. He smiled and waved. He arrived at Nikkie's and the house was dark except for one light in Nikki’s bedroom window. Unsure, he checked his watch. 20 to 8. he pushed the bell. "coming!" he heard Nikki yell. It was a warm night and when she answered the door, she was wearing a see-through dolphin sorong over her whitle bikini’s. Her hair was down and in ringlets. She looked hotter then ever. Tay stared for a few seconds, admiring her beauty. "Are ya gunna come in?" she asked "of course!" he replied. He stepped inside the house. "Where is everyone?"

"Well......moms at my uncle Troy's for tonight cause he's fixing the car. The twins are with her, and I have the house to myself.....her voice trailed to a smile. She led him out the back to the pool. He dropped his bag just inside the door and followed her out. They chatted for a while and finally Nikki said "so how’s about a swim?"

"But I didn't bring my boardies!"

"SO?.......wear your boxers."

"Alright." He took off his shirt, and his jeans and walked up to Nikki who let her sarong drop to the ground. Suddenly he jumped in, tackling Nikki with him. They both laughed and splashed each other, until they finally stopped, being drawn close together. Tay reached and pulled Nikki close. They kissed passionately, she leant closer, letting Tay overwhelm her. Her hand slowly wandered down from his chest down. She realized that he was wearing only boxers.....nothing underneath.........Nikki smiled, so did Tay......he was pretty aroused.......Tay slipped his hand round Nikki's back....she felt her bikini top loosen and then fall with a slight plash into the pool. Tay's hands moved from her back to her front....exploring her beautiful body. She pulled him that their bodies were pressed right against each other......without even noticing, Nikki was no longer wearing her bikini bottoms.........this was just how she'd wanted her first time to be....romantic and full of love.........Tay kept exploring, this time a little lower than before, Nikki was doing the same to him. Tay had always imagined HIS first time being like this....not really planned and both people very willing.....he smiled again.....Nikki tugged gently at his boxers......before she could take them off all together...he suggested they go to a more secluded spot, just in case there were nosy neighbors.......Nikki agreed that this was a good idea, remembering what she had purchased the day before. She slipped her bathers back on and followed Tay into the house. He was now more ready than before. They decided to sit in front of the TV while they dried off....before going fully into the house. Tay sat down and motioned for Nikki to lay in his lap.......she smiled and accepted his offer......she lay down, Tay undid her top again...she didn't mind one bit.....she slipped her hand up inside of Tay's boxers, bringing a smile to his face...he leant down and kissed her, she didn't take her hand away.....her top was now completely were her bikini bottoms and Tay's boxers........he moved on top of her....