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“Wasn’t our first date fun?” Nikki asked Tay. Tay and Nikki were cuddling, watching t.v. at Nikki’s house. In response Tay gave Nikki a soft kiss. Nikki opened her mouth and explored Tay’s mouth. Tsy enjoyed the kiss, and after a couple of minutes he let out loud moan.

“What was that Taylor?” Nikki asked her hot as can be boyfriend. Nikki was trying not to laugh, but she let out a laugh and Tay’s face became as red as can be.

“Nothing, just.... I don’t know, I like it when you kiss me.”

“I like to kiss you too.” Nikki stated to Tay, still thinking about how funny it is when Tay moaned.

“Can we continue then, since we both like it?” Tay asked with a grin on his face.

“Nikki didn’t say anything. She leaned over and kissed him. Soon they were making out, while lying on the couch. As the kisses got longer and more passionite, Tay started to move his hand over Nikki’s chest. Nikki allowed him to continue. After a few minutes. Nikki started to caress Tay’s body. Just then something happened to Tay that had only happened once before. Right where Nikki’s hand lay, it became wet.

“Uh oh. We better stop. I can see that you may be too excited.” Nikki said with a smirk on her face.

“Okay, I better go home and change. I love you.” He said, but then he didn't mean it.

“I love you to Tay.” Nikki gave Tay one last kissed, then Tay left.

Tay went home to change and found out that Ike and Zac were going to go play laser tag. Tay decided to go with them. After a couple of hours, all 3 of them were tired and decided to go back home. Of course, and as always, Zac won every game of laser tag because he was so hyper that he could run really fast. When the 3 oldest Hanson kids got home, they found a package on the front porch, with card that said ‘For my one and only Tay’. Tay had no idea what it was but on the back of the card it said ‘open in private’

Chapter 3
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