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After dinner was over, Zac went over to his best friends house for a sleep over. Ike went to the movies with a girl he met at the park. Taylor was glad that the people who he shared a room with were gone.

“Nikki, do you want to watch a movie?” Taylor asked his love.

“Sure, what movie, and where?” Nikki asked.

“Any movie you want to see, and in my room.” Taylor said whit a smile on his face.


Taylor and Nikki went upstairs and watched My Best Friends Wedding. They only saw half of the movie, they had a hard time keeping thier hands off of each other. Most of the movie was spent maiking out, the rest was watching the movie.

“Hey Brad!” Zac greeted his best friend. Zac walked into Brad’s house. It was a nice house. The main room (living room) had a big screen t.v, a beanbag chair, a black sofa, a blue walls. Zac put his bag on the sofa.

“Hey, come on in.” Brad told his very famous friend.

“So what are we going to tonight?” Zac asked.

“Well I was thinking about surfing the net, playing video games, or we can do what ever you want.” Brad replyied.

“Video games sound cool.” Zac said with a smirk on his face. He knew he could beat the shit out of brad playing video games.

“Okay, we have Mortal Combat, Spawn, Konfu Fighters, Dungeons Dragon, and Sonic and hetchhog.”

“Konfu fighter’sounds like an awaesome game. Is it bloody and grewsome?” Zac asked

“Yeah when you die, your stomach explods and blood comes shooting out!” Brad said.


Issac was at the movies with this girl named Cloey. Cloey is 16 years old. She is tall, beautiful, and she was smart. She had everything that Ike had alwyas wanted. They were watching Titanic(authors note: Titanic is the best movie in the whole world) Cloey and Ike were holding hands. They had both cried a couple times during the movie. The movie ended, and Ike and Cloey went for a drive. They ended up and Suck Face Hill.

“Did you like the movie?” Ike asked Cloey.

“Yeah, I loved it, it was so romantic. Thank-you so much for taking me to see it.” Cloey said with a beautiful smile on her face.

“It was no problem, it was a good movie, and I got to see it with a great person.” Ike said as he looked into Cloey’s eyes. They were a beautiful blue, like the ocean. Just then they leaned over and Ike gave Cloey a soft kiss. She kissed him back. She felt like she was falling in love. Ike felt the same. They sat in the back seat and just cuddled.

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