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For a Sunday morning, Tay woke up very early. Usually he doesn’t wake till 11:30, but today he woke at 7 . He just could not wait till he could see his love of his life Nikki. Now, see this from Tay’s point of view. Tay is a 15 year old guy, who obviously has a ton of hormones. He loves Nikki with all his heart, and he can’t wait to see her, cause he’s in love, and he want’s to make-out with her.(I’m watching Dawson’s Creek,k?) Any way, on his way down stairs, he ended up waking Ike up. Now, Ike was a very happy guy. The previous night, he had the time of his life. He went to see the perfect movie, with the perfect girl. Ike and Tay went down stairs for breakfast. They were the only ones up, but not for long. Soon, his mother would be up to feed Zoe, Zac would be back form his sleep over, and Jessie, Avie, and Mac would be up soon.

“Ike, earth to Ike, are you there?” Tay asked Ike as he was buttering his toast. Tay had been talking to him about Nikki, and he had just asked a very important question.

“What?” Ike asked, you could tell he was in another world, a fantasy world.

“I just asked you.........” Tay whispered his question in to Ike’s ear, making sure that if anyone else were up, that they wouldn’t hear.

“What, Tay, you wanna know if I’m a virgin!” Ike said surprisingly, and loud.

“Uh, yeah, are you?” Tay asked.

“Well, uh uh, uh...........”

“Yes or no, Ike.” Tay said.

“Yes, technically.” Ike said as his face got red, and that did not happen very often.

“Oh, then you couldn’t help me then.” Tay said, and Ike gave him a look meaning ‘what, are you thinking about having sex????????’

“Are you thinking of having sex?” Ike asked, he was very intrigued by this conversation. He was talking to his younger brother, who wants to have sex at the age of 15.

“Yeah, of course. I’m a guy, what else would I think about.” Tay said.

Just then, Jessie and Avie came bouncing down the stairs, Diana and Zoe following. They were all early birds, every morning. But Ike, Tay and Zac were not. They appreciated any extra time they get. If it’s not going to New York to an interview, it’s a tour, or screaming girls running after them. They always got exhausted when they were away form Tulsa. See, in Tulsa, except for tourists, everyone’s used to seeing Hanson in town, or around.

“Tay, maybe we should talk about this later, okay?” Ike said, knowing that if his parents heard him and Tay talking about sex, that they would have that very embarrassing sex talk, and they deffinatly didn’t want that.

Just then Zac walked in the door. Now usually when he walks in to a room, he’s bouncy, ahppy, energenic, ect. But the previous night, Zac and Brad had stayed up untill 3 in the morning.

“Hi Zac, how was your sleep over?” Diana asked his son.

“Fine, we played video games, and surfed the net all night.” Zac replied.

“Uh huh, and what time did you go to bed?” His mom asked, knowing that the time she would be told would be a very late time.

“Uh about 3, oh and guees what? When we surfed the net, we looked up Hanson. You would not believe how many sites there are about us. I espicaially like the one called Hanson Fantasy.” Zac said, starting to get his natural hyperness.

“Uh huh, what was so good about this website?” Diana asked, glad to see that her sons have become very sucessful.

“Well for one thing, this girl Heather, really likes us, the graphics were great, and the best part was this story that she wrote. It was really good.” That was all that Zac would say about the story, cause he knew that Diana woul;d not approve of it.

Chapter 6
Chapter 4
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