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After everyone was awake and had eaten breakfast, everyone went their separate ways. Isaac went to his room to call Cloey, Avie, Mac, Jessie, Zoe, and Zac went to the mall, and Tay went where? Where he always goes. He went over to Nikki’s.

“Come on mom, you know that is a peiece of clothing from the girls section! I will not try it on!” Zac said as he jumped around Sears.

“Who knows Zac? I found it on the rack in the mens wear department.” Diana informed her son. She was trying to find something for Zac to wear on their upcoming appearance on Much Music. While she was doing that, she had Zoe in her stroller, and Mac, Avie, and Jessie were running around.

Zac went around the mens wear department and noted that these were not his style of cloths.

“Come on mom, can’t we go to a good store(not to say that Sears is a bad store)

“Like where?”Diana asked.

“Um, how about a store that sells khaki, and army style clothes.” Zac replied.

While Zac and Diana were having the store concersation, Mac was running around everywhere and playing with the toys in the toy department that was right beside mens wear. Jessie and Avie were looking at Barbie’s and screaming. They weren’t saying anything in particular, but they were just screaming at the top of their lungs.

While that was going on, Diana desiced to take everyone to a store that Zac wanted to got to. They ended up going to Stitches. Stitches had much to offer in the kind of clothes Zac wanted. They had khaki’s and ton’s of different styles of army wear. Zac then found excactly what he was looking for. It was a pair of army cargo pants with pockets that came to his knee’s, and he found a army green shirt that went. Diana payed for it and they went to the food court to get some crub.

Meanwhile back at the Hanson house, Isaac had been trying forever to get through to Cloey. Cloey did not have call waiting and the line was busy for a couple of hours.

“God dammit Cloey, get off the phone” Isaac mumbled to himself.

Ike tried calling one last time about 5 minutes after the last, and what a mirracle, the phone actually rang.

“Yes” Ike said to himself.

“Hello, this is the Gwerenives residence.” Cloey’s father said.

“Hi, may I please speak to Cloey?” Ike asked politly.

“Hold on, Cloey, there’s some guy on the phone for you!”

“Hello” Cloey said in her angelic voice.

“Hey Cloey, it’s Ike”

“Oh, hi Ike” Cloey said in a disapointed voice. You see, Cloey ad a great time at the movies, but she had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend was coming over any minute, and she had to let Ike down easily.

“I had a great time with you last night” Ike said in his sweet voice.

“I have to talk to you about something, Isaac. You see, I had a great time with you last night, but the truth is, I have a boyfriend. See I went out with you last nigh ‘cause we had broken up, but we just got back together.” Cloey said, trying to make it easy for Ike.

“Oh, I see, well I gotta go.” Ike said, almost in tears. He really liked Cloey. He hung up without saying bye.

When Tay went to Nikki’s they weren’t staying there. Nikki’s whole family was there. That was only 4 people but it was enough. There were her mother, her father, and her younger sisters that were twins. Tay and Nikki were planning to got to Thompson Park, and paly on the playground and rollerblade. Nikki was not a very good rollerblader, but Tay was helping her, and teaching her the technique. While Tay and Nikki were on the swings, Nikki saw her best friend Jessica(yes Jessica your finally in here) Jessica was a little older than her, but that didn’t make a difference.

“Hey Jessie, how’s it been lately?” Nikki said while she and Tay were walking up to Jessica.

“Everythings been great, I got and A on my algebra test!” Jessie said.

“That’s great!” Tay interupted.

“Oh hey Tay, waz up?” Jessie asked the member in her fave band.

“Great! We found out that we sold 7 million albums so far.”

“That’s terrific, I was probally the first one to buy one.”

Tay, Nikki, and Jessica went over to the Hanson’s house, and found Ike. Ike had always been Jessica’s fave peerson, and they were good buds. Jessica had always loved Ike, but had been to shy to ask him out.

“Hey Ike, what’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

“This gril Cloey, just dumped me!” Ike said, kind of angrily.

“That’s to bad.

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