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Nikki spent the rest of the week hanging out with Jessica, shopping, having sleepovers, generaly having fun. She did miss Taylor, and the rest of the Hanson's. But she would make it. Jessica was glad to spend time with her best bud. Since Nikki and Tay were going out, they didn't spend as much time together.

"I don't know if I'm happy that this week is almost over, or if I'm sad that the fun we have had will end." Nikki said while Jess and her were watching the tube.

"Well, I love all this fun, but I can't wait until the Hanson's get home so you can talk to Ike!" Jess said in an excited voice. > they had a plan. A good plan.

Mean while, in New York........

"Hey Ike?" Tay said.


"Have you ever missed someone so much that it could kill you?"

"Yeah, you miss Nikki don't you?"

"Duh." Tay said. How do you miss that it almost could kill you?" He said.

"That's for me to know, and for you to find out." Ike replied.

"Hey, I tell you everything, I even told you about thinking about sex!" Tay said, then he playfully punched Ike.

"Fine, I miss Jessica, alright? You happy now?" Ike yelled.

"Jessica, as in 16 year old, brunnette, Nikki's best friend Jessica?" Tay asked really surprised.

"Yes, okay, and don't say a word to Zac, he'll go blabing about it"

"To late, I heard!" Said the hyper 12 year old.

Zac you can not tell anyone, you got that?" Ike said.

" Alright, not a soul. Waht craweled up your pants and died"

"I hope Ike likes me!" Jess said. He has to like her.

"I bet he does, he is great. If Tay didn't excist, I would
go for a guy like Ike." Nikki addmitted.

"You would" Jess asked surprisingly. "I have to admit, I'm glad that Cloey girl dumped hime, I know it sounds bad, but it's true."

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