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A week went by and Nikki and Tay made it, they didn’t die without each other. Nikki’s mother drove her daughter and Jessica to the airport so they could greet the Hanson’s when they got back. The plane hadn’t landed yet, ‘cause they were at the airport early. But something wrong happened.

“Good afternoon, thank-you for flying Therajk airlines, unfortunately, I have some bad news, but please do not panic. One of our engines, and the left wing blew. Please stay calm, and stay in your seats. This plane will crash, but our pilot will do everything he can to make the plane go down as slowly as possible. Please look under your seats, and put on the life jackets, and take out all the pillows, Surround yourselves with pillow, and put your heads down, and backs down.” The flight attendant said. This was not good, defiantly not good.

“Oh my God, the fuckin’ plain is going to crash!!!!!!!” Zac yelled.

Zachary Walker Hanson, stay calm!!!, Mrs. Hanson demanded, And watch your language!”

Everyone did as they were told. KABOOM! The other wing exploded and set fire to the plane. The plane started dropping. AHHHHHHHHH, the sound of people screaming. CRASH, BANG, CRACK, BANG, BONG.

The plane landed. In a neighborhood, ontop of houses.

Silence. Nothing. It was dead silent.

Then all Zac Hanson could hear was ambulance sirens.

Chapter 10
Chapter 8
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