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Hanson Fantasy Updates

The bios page and awards page are up.

I know it may not seem like I'm doing anything with this webpage, but I'm working in secret, it will be coming soon.

I changed the main page back to the frames since Halloween is over.

I made a new award for the win this page.

I added 10 new pics to the
Pics page. They are new pics from the album, and from somewhere else. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween! I updated the main page, I changed it to suit today, which is Halloween. No more updates till Sunday cause I'm gone all weekend.

I added a new page, news, it will have all of the latest news about Hanson.

Check out the
stories page, 'cause the rest of the story has been added.
The grad Re-opening of Hanson Fantasy is today! So surf around here, and have an Mmmbopping good time!
Sept. 1/98-Oct.17/98
I have been re-doing every single thing on Hanson Fantasy for the past month and a half, and everything is up except custom graphics which will come once I get a graphics staff to help me out, and poems, once some people submit poems to me.